Properties My Buyers Are Looking For

  1.  This buyer is looking in Alloway, Woodstown, Pilesgrove & Elmer. She is in need of a 4 bedroom home with 1 1/2 or 2 bathrooms in the price range up to $170,000. She can settle in 40-45 days.
  2.  These buyers is looking solely in Salem City. A 2 bedroom home would be sufficient but they would prefer 3 bedrooms. A fixer-upper is fine as long as there are no major defects. In other words, paint/paper/carpet projects are best. They can settle quickly.
  3.  An investor is looking for a Flip. Anywhere in Salem County is fine as long as it has public water & sewer. Cash, As-IS, can settle quickly.

(this list of potential buyers will be updated regularly, so please check back often!)

fixer upper

“Did anyone say, ‘Fixer-Upper???’