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June 1st, 2018 – Don’t Be Like Nike — Just DON’T DO IT!!!

Bad septic systems seem to be the theme this week. uugghhhh……

I had a listing appointment this morning in Elsinboro. The client had purchased the property a short 7 months ago and beautifully renovated it. Completely new from top-to-bottom.

It  – is –  a – beauty!

Pretty white kitchen, granite countertops, gorgeous laminate flooring, new hot water, new heat & new air conditioning is on the way, humongous master bedroom, really really nice……and I mean nniiiiiiccccceeeeeee!!!!!

The only problem is that the investor purchased the property through an online auction service completely ‘as is’ with absolutely no inspections……not one…..not even a septic inspection.

Today, I made one phone call to a local septic expert and he was able to tell us that the septic system is out-dated and just plain bad.
No ifs – ands – or buts. 

PSA – Do not buy a house that has a private sewerage system with out checking it out first. (The test will be somewhere between $375 and $700, depending upon the occupancy and the number of bedrooms.) But the money to check out the system may save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.
Just DON’T do it!
This particular property will need a system that may cost as much as $25,000. Boy, I hated to deliver that news today!


“It is bad news but we just have to get on…..and deal with it.”  ~ Alan Phillips


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