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May 30th, 2018 – A ‘Mounded System’ by Any Other Name is Still A ‘Raised Bed’ Septic

“We are heart-broken……”

Not quite the words I was hoping to see as the last business text for today. My buyers have an offer on a home that is getting a new septic system.

A very expensive septic system.

They received a call from the sweet lady they were hoping would be their new next door neighbor. Her exact words?

“You’ve got to come see this.”

They went.

….and then they texted me.

Apparently, the soil test performed as part of the new septic design revealed the need for a raised-bed system, which was installed today. (I haven’t met a buyer yet who was happy about these situations.) In fact, I just lost a transaction in Pedricktown for this very same reason. That buyer likes the backyard just the way it is now — and has no interest in losing trees, possibly the pool as well as part of the lovely vinyl fencing.

backhoe bucket barren dirt dirty
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….and here we are again. I have no answers. I have no suggestions, even. I just feel badly for my clients —- who just last week — professed their love for this particular property.

I told them not to lose hope. We will find the perfect home for them…..
we will. 

(but they really did love that one.)

“And suddenly you know, it’s time to move on……and trust the magic of new beginnings.”  ~unknown



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