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May 17th, 2018 – Habla Espanol?

Why yes……Yes, we do.           

We do in a couple of ways.

habla espanol
#1 – I was recently taught about a very helpful app called, “Google Translate.” It’s free. It’s really cool….and it works! You simply talk into your phone and ‘Google Translate’ takes over after that. It translates your words into the language you have chosen. This afternoon I was playing around with the app and was able to present the NJ Consumer Information Statement in Chinese. It sounded a bit funny at times but it is easy to see how helpful this app may become to our client.

#2 – I just hired a new agent who is fluid in Spanish. It’s amazing. She’s really cool…..and yes, she is now working for The Pino Agency! Her name is ‘Lidia Leon’ and I am so very happy to have her on board. She signed up with us on Sat. 5/12 and had her first Spanish-speaking buyer on Tues. 5/15. Amazing. Lidia comes to us with an extensive Real Estate background in property management. She is ready to tackle the world of residential sales now.

She will be great.

Reminds me of that famous line from the movie ‘Field of Dreams’. “If you build it, they will come.” Not only will Lidia fully explain the buying & selling process to her customers & clients in their preferred language, she will be able to present the necessary documents in Spanish that are needed to purchase a home. Important documents such as the Consumer Information Statement, an offer and the agreement of sale. Our new digital platform has the capability to provide documents in many, many languages, Spanish being just one. Since the Latin American community is growing so rapidly, we are so proud to be able to help guide buyers & sellers to truly understand and navigate through the process.

Lidia is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ready-to-roll….and we are thrilled to have her on board!

Mis mejores deseos, Lidia…..Estamos muy contentos de que se haya unido a nosotros!


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