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Real Estate Activities – 5/11/2016 – A Night @ School

If it’s a Wednesday night, 9 months out of 12, I’ll be in class, teaching at The South Jersey Real Estate Academy. Classes are currently being held in Woodstown at The Friends Home.

In tonight’s Real Estate class, we studied the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD): NJSA 10:5-12, whereby it is unlawful to subject people to differential treatment based on:

-Creed (Religion)
-National Origin
-Marital or Domestic Partnership or Civil Union Status
-Sex (Including Pregnancy)
-Gender Identity or Expression
-Disability (Mental or Physical or Perceived Disability)
-Military Service
-Affectional or Sexual Orientation
-Atypical Cellular or Blood Trait
-Genetic Information
-Family Status
-Source of Lawful Income or Source of Lawful Rent Payment (includes Section 8)
-Nationality of Agent

New Jersey’s LAD is one of the broadest anti-discrimination laws in the country. It has been evolving over the past 30 years, with the latest amendment being enacted in 2008. The sale and rental of all property, including open land, whether for residential or business purposes, is covered by the law.

The law protects individuals against discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations and certain business transactions. It also prohibits certain nursing homes or intermediate care facilities from discriminating against an individual because he or she is eligible for Medicaid.

There are some things that New Jersey has ‘gotten wrong’……in this case……they got it right. When it comes to requiring that we treat each other with acceptance and respect…..New Jersey got it right.

Hopefully, the residents of New Jersey can get it right, too.



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