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9 Steps To Listing Your Home For Sale

It is a big decision to sell your home or property.  Here’s a simple checklist for you to follow to make your decision a little easier.

1)  Locate your deed, tax bill and survey

2)  Locate and have handy all of the keys to your doors, shed, garage, etc

3)  Declutter closets, basement, attic and garage; put away valuables

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4)  CLEAN – make your property sparkle, inside AND outside

5)  Tidy up the lawn and landscaping, too

6)  Ask your friends and family for Realtor referrals, call 3 and set up interview appointments

7)  Google the 3 Realtors, check out their websites, Facebook accounts, LinkedIn profiles, Instagram page, ActiveRain presence, Twitter, blogs, etc.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

8)  Meet with the Realtors, ask questions (more on that later) to determine which one is the best fit to help you and your family make your move.  Pay attention to experience, community networks, problem solving abilities and production awards.  These are all clues to help you determine past and future behaviors.

9)  Choose the Realtor who you feel will look out for your best interests.  Choose the Realtor who you feel will best help you make good decisions.  Choose the Realtor who you feel will best communicate candidly with you and GET THE JOB DONE!

Just take it one step at at time and everything will be just fine.

Coming Soon:  Effective Questions to Ask A Potential Listing Agent
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