Hidden Talents

Hidden Talents

While in Salem City today…..

What was just a typical errand on behalf of one of our Landlord-clients turned into an unexpected JOY and a solution to a problem.

We have a tenant who is readying to move into our listing on Chestnut Street in Salem. The city’s inspection was held and requires several repairs and upgrades…..one of which was extremely unexpected. After several years of representing this particular Landlord, we have come to be very familiar with the property so when the recent inspection required the installation of heat in a small mudroom, it was quite the unwelcome surprise.

I wanted to speak to the inspector in person to discuss the situation. I’ll admit that I had hopes of a change….and a reversal……of this new requirement. Telling a client that he or she has to make a costly repair isn’t a pleasant part of the job and I was hoping to avoid that.

Unfortunately, the discussion only confirmed that the heat must be installed, after all. I suppose that outcome was expected, but a girl can try. The solution to the problem is now found, at least.

What was unexpected?

The inspector has a green thumb and several lovely orchids on display, in the housing office! I’ve been gifted orchids over the years with no luck in keeping them alive long-term. Recently, my daughter and a former employee both surprised me with orchids and while I smiled on the outside at the time, I cringed on the inside because the memory of my previous (dead) orchids immediately came to mind.

After the inspector and I finished ‘talking shop’, she and I talked orchids.

I now have hope….and a plan.

Here is why:



“Hide not your talents.
They for use were made.
What is a sundial in the shade?”
   ~Benjamin Franklin



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